Why are your prices so low?

Why are your prices so low?

At Shipixy we have longstanding relationships with the FedEx meaning that due to the consistent high volumes of packages we help our customers ship, we have access to discounted shipping rates for all FedEx services.

This close working relationship has now developed into us offering FedEx services on our website so that they can market their best shipping rates to ordinary consumers and small to medium business that they would not normally have access to. We can help you establish what saervice to choose by letting you compare prices and transit times in a matter of seconds based on your shipping needs. 
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    • What carriers and ship methods does Shipixy offer?

      Our long-term partnership with FedEx allows us to offer low rates on these shipping methods: Commercial Ground Delivery:             FedEx Ground Residential Ground Delivery:             FedEx Home Delivery 2-Day Delivery:             FedEx Express ...
    • Can I ship large or heavy packages?

      The Shipixy shipping calculator is a great tool for finding a courier to ship big and bulky packages with. Our heavy and large item delivery prices are very reasonable as we have huge discounts on courier services for shipping inside the US or ...
    • How do I get a shipping quote?

      Getting a shipping quote is really simple with our easy-to-use quote engine. We can save you time and money as we group together all the best courier services to ship your package within one place so you can pick and choose the perfect courier for ...