What is Shipixy?

What is Shipixy?

Shipixy is an easy, affordable way to ship packages from the US to over US and territories. Just give us a delivery address, let us know what’s in the box, and choose from a variety of domestic shipping options at great rates. Next, print your shipping label and export documents and bring your package to your local FedEx drop-off location.

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    • How does Shipixy work?

      When you have a package you’d like to ship from the US to friends and family in the US, Shipixy makes it easy! Enter the destination address, your package dimensions, and weight, and receive upfront, accurate Shipixy shipping rates. Then, choose the ...
    • Can Shipixy pick up my shipment?

      Yes, if you want to schedule a pickup from FedEx you can do it when you creating a label from Shipixy.
    • What carriers and ship methods does Shipixy offer?

      Our long-term partnership with FedEx allows us to offer low rates on these shipping methods: Commercial Ground Delivery:             FedEx Ground Residential Ground Delivery:             FedEx Home Delivery 2-Day Delivery:             FedEx Express ...
    • Do Shipixy shipments have a weight or size limit?

      Yes. See the chart below for more information. The formula for girth is Length + Width*2 + Height*2  Service Max Length (in) Max Girth (in) Max Weight (lbs) FedEx Express U.S. Services 119" 165" 150 lbs. FedEx Ground or Home Delivery 108" 165" 150 ...
    • What type of packaging I can use for shipments?

      Shipixy suggests to its users to use the following packaging types: Cardboard Box Padded Polybags Polybags Envelopes Shipixy does not accept the below types of packaging" Cardboard Tubes Suitcases Instrument Cases Palletized Items