Recipient Information

Recipient Information

This article will help you understand where and how we use receiver information.

When you place an order with Sendle, we ask for information about the person receiving the parcel. This information is only used in relation to the delivery of the parcel and not for any of our own marketing purposes.

Specifically, we ask for:


The receiver's name is required and will appear on the label and within the Sendle dashboard wherever we show order or parcel details.


Providing the receiver's email address will allow us to inform the receiver of the parcel tracking number when the parcel is picked up. As well as this, it allows us to contact them directly if there are any delays or issues in delivering the parcel. 

Phone number:

Providing a contact phone number for the receiver allows either the delivery driver or our support staff to call them to help with delivery. For example, if a delivery driver is having trouble locating or accessing the delivery address.

The phone number will be displayed in your dashboard order details and on the parcel label where the delivery driver can find it.

Company name and address:

An address is required to process the order and will be included on the label and in the order details on Shipixy. This information will also be included in some email communication to the receiver if you provided their email address as part of the order.

Optionally, a company name can be provided to help with delivery and will be displayed in the same places as the address.

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