Is it possible to ship a tent using your courier services?

Is it possible to ship a tent using your courier services?

Shipixy is the perfect tool to find a way to ship a tent whether you want to send it within the same country or overseas. We help customers all over the world send tents and all types of camping equipment too, whether they are being sold on eBay, being sent on to friends or family, or even sent ahead of a trip.

All you have to do is put the package dimensions into our shipping calculator and then you will have a variety of delivery services who will be able to ship your tent cheaply as possible.

We have courier services that can ensure your tent or camping equipment is shipped quickly, or if you prefer a more cost-effective option, we have plenty of those as well. Our affordable services for shipping large items like tents include Ground Drop Off, for domestic deliveries.

Of course, when sending any items, you will need to make they are packed properly to arrive safely. Any package booked online with us comes with tracking so you can follow the tent in transit until the delivery is made.  

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