How should I package my shipment?

How should I package my shipment?

Your shipment will be traveling across the USA in a many different vehicles, so be sure to include plenty of padding for your items, packaged securely in a sturdy, unused cardboard box.
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    • Can Shipixy pick up my shipment?

      Yes, if you want to schedule a pickup from FedEx you can do it when you creating a label from Shipixy.
    • Where is the nearest package FedEx drop off point?

      The best way to find the drop off point is to go to the below link and use your zip code as the reference.
    • How does Shipixy work?

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    • How to use labels for international shipments?

      Depending on the destination and the Shipixy will provide you with different labels and pdf files.  Once you select the service and paid for the labels Shipixy will provide you with the shipping label(s) and the invoice for the shipment.  if Shipixy ...
    • How do I get a shipping quote?

      Getting a shipping quote is really simple with our easy-to-use quote engine. We can save you time and money as we group together all the best courier services to ship your package within one place so you can pick and choose the perfect courier for ...