How do I get a shipping quote?

How do I get a shipping quote?

Getting a shipping quote is really simple with our easy-to-use quote engine.

We can save you time and money as we group together all the best courier services to ship your package within one place so you can pick and choose the perfect courier for your package. 

All you need to do is-

Enter the shipping address details and the country you are shipping to-

We then take a few more details from you including the exact dimensions and the weight of the package which is very important to ensure you pay the correct price to have your item shipped in the US or internationally. 

Please also provide the contents of the shipment are and the correct value and description of the goods inside your package. This is all vital information when booking your shipping, as the couriers need to know exactly what is going through their delivery network as do Customs if shipping overseas. 

Our shipping calculator will always give you a range of prices and couriers to choose from so you can book the best service to match your needs. Please be sure to add accurate details to get the correct shipping costs for your parcel, failure to do so can result in the item being returned or held up. 

Finally, select the courier service that matches the delivery time frame you need and that suits your budget and you are all set for your shipment. 


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